Destination: North America

Our North America section will include guides for articles related to United States of America and Canada. From the border town of Nogales to the city of New York we will give you complete information and local guides on everything you need to know. If you would like to write for Destination then please use our contact form here. 

Whether you want a Colombian Dish in NYC or the best veggie burger in the city then we have you covered. Let’s not forget the beautiful country of Canada, we have city guides on Toronto and Vancouver and will soon have an in-depth article on Montreal.

The Best Colombian Restaurants in NYC

Tired of the same food? Or are you a Colombian missing home? We’ve got a list with the best ...

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5 Things To in New York when it’s cold.

Don’t let the weather put you down! There are tons of activities to do in New York even when ...

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The Best Pizza Places in Brooklyn.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good slice of pizza every now and then? One can easily find thousands of ...

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Ultimate Guide To The John Muir Trail

If you are a naturalist and you seek solitude, you will wish to visit The John Muir Trail. This ...

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Top 4 Strangest Attractions in the USA

Have you traveled to all the traditional and “normal” tourist attractions in the United States? ...

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Top Destinations in Rincon Puerto Rico Island

Rincon Puerto Rico Island is filled with vast beauty of beaches, parks and other amazing and ...

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