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From Paris to London to Athens and Prague, we give you the full low-down on everything that you need to know. We look at travel arrangements, the best restaurants and hotels and the best trip for skiers or sunbathers alike. looks to bring you the best European travel guides and information. If you would like to add your experience to our growing number of local experts then please get in touch. We would love to hear from you. See our European articles below.

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Anfield Guide – The Home of Liverpool Football Club

The North West city of Liverpool in the United Kingdom has so many things to offer and ...

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Barcelona, the New Capital of Cannabis in Europe

Barcelona has always been a favourite destination for us, whether it is visiting the Camp Nou to ...

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The Hekla Volcano – Iceland

Hekla is the Icelandic word for a short hooded cloak which may relate to the frequent cloud cover ...

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london bus

London Bus System

Your comprehensive Guide to Everything London Public transport often gets a bad rap for the service ...

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Getting to and From London Heathrow Airport

Getting to and from London Heathrow has never been easier. There are a whole host of options from ...

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Guide to The London Underground

We at love the London Underground and think it is one of the best public ...

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The Dantebad – Munich Outdoor Pool

All year round, the Dantebad offers people of Munich the chance to swim outdoors. The winter ...

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