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The Ultimate List of Tenerife Excursions

Tenerife is the biggest and most visited island in the canaries. The variety of landscapes, activities, hotels, restaurants and nightlife make the island a great place to visit. More than 5 million visitors travel to the island every year to enjoy the sun, sand and see. We at Destination Mundo will list some of our top excursions to do when visiting.

Trade winds constantl blow from northeast to southwest, we recommend not to book your accomodation in the east of the island unless you like wind; The west coast is protected from these winds by high mountains; for this reason we recommend you to stay in the area between Los Cristianos and Santiago del Teide.

North of Tenerife weather is cloudier and wetter; it is important to realize that if you stay there you might not find exactly the sunny conditions you are looking for, especially in winter. The south of the island has the best transport system.

Book your trips in advance, almost all activities are sold out several days in advance.

National Park – Teide

Tenerife sightseeing in the center of the National Park; here is the most popular location of “Roques de Garcia” where you have free time to have a walk around; furthermore you can admire the peak of Teide from the bottom and enjoy the magnificent landscape; in addition people wanting to reach the top of  (3555 meters).

Kayaking and Snorkeling

Kayaking & Snorkeling Tenerife is one of the best excursions available on the island; The seas around the island is full of amazing turtles and maybe bull rays in their natural environment. A must do activity on the island and one that makes a memorable day for any group.

Whale Watching

The Whale Watching Tenerife is an experience you can’t miss when visiting the island; view and learn about the abundant marine life of Canary Islands. The sea between Tenerife and La Gomera is a natural reserve; the Canarian government protects and preserves it with strict laws. In the waters around Tenerife live friendly cetaceans which can be spotted all year round; See pilot whales and dolphins in their natural habit.

Whatever you choose to do in Tenerife we are certain that you will have a fantastic experience. Are we missing anything from our list. What are the must see places and activities on the Island that you recommend?


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