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About Destination Mundo

DestinationMundo.com is a dedicated travel and resource blog with the aim of helping travellers and readers on their journey around the world. We often get asked the same questions repeatedly including the following

“How much is it to travel and go backpacking around the world”
“Where is the best country to go traveling to”
“Is this city safe?”
“Where shall we go on honeymoon which is not the standard”
“How do I stay safe when traveling”
“I want to travel more.”
“How do I plan my trip”

These are all questions that we aim to answer on DestinationMundo.com, a site designed and created to give our readers the best advice for travel. Over the past several years, we have helped many people answer these questions through our guides and tips for travel. We hope to give you clear and transparent advice as well as answer any questions that you have.
It is our aim to help travellers like you to realise your travel dreams and go to new destinations.

Why We Travel

We travel to escape the chaos of our lives: The expectations, routines and demands placed upon us. For us, life is about accumulating memories, not just possessions.

For us, life is about accumulating memories, not just possessions

Traveling opens your eyes more than you think and DestinationMundo.com aims to give you unbiased articles and guides on everything we think you will find important. What are you waiting for, get planning your next trip.

Our Company Name: Mountain Pine Media LLC