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10 Best Must-Try Tours to Discover Dubai

Dubai is one of the world’s top cities, attracting all kinds of travelers regardless of their preferences. You can’t help but get caught up in the city’s inventive spirit and be dazzled by the stunning buildings. In the past few years, this desert gem has become very popular, and now travelers from all over the world put it on their “must-see” and “top 10” lists. To the delight of travelers fearless in trying new things, Dubai lives up to its reputation. Dubai offers more than fancy hotels, yacht parties, shopping, and good food. Below are tours to book and discover with a Dubai express visa to see a different side of Dubai, with exciting activities, stunning views, and cultural immersion.

1. Dubai Marina Royal Dinner Dhow Cruise tour

During this two-hour dinner cruise, guests are treated to a lovely evening with delicious food and a chance to see the city at night.  On a traditional wooden boat called a dhow, people are served dinner in the style of an international buffet. The boat sails around the Persian Gulf’s coast. The guests will have a memorable night under the stars as the boat goes around the Dubai Marina, taking in beautiful city views.

Tour: Dubai Marina Royal Dinner Dhow Cruise

Duration: 2 hours

2. 5-Hour tour with a Professional Photographer Guide

Dubai is among the most stunning cities in the world, so tourists would be missing out if they didn’t take some classic photos there.  During this tour, you will be led by a professional photographer while exploring various places in Dubai, such as religious and cultural sites and busy markets, to take photos. The only thing that visitors need to do to take part is book their tour, bring their cameras, and be ready for excitement.

Tour: Dubai: 5-Hour tour with a Professional Photographer Guide

Duration: 6 hours

3. Private Food Tour

This tour gives a full look at the different cultural influences that have made Dubai what it is today and a tasty look at the area’s food. While on tour will make stops at many different places, such as markets, temples, historical sites, and more. People traveling stop to try foods typical of the area they are passing through.  This tour is like a whirlwind, and it’s a great way to learn about food and see the best of Dubai. It’s also a fun and interesting way to eat.

Tour: The 10 Tastings of Dubai With Locals: Private Food Tour

Duration: 3 hours

4. Explore Old Dubai, Al Fahidi District, Museums, Markets, Foods, and Abra

This one-of-a-kind trip takes visitors into Old Dubai, where they learn about the history, culture, and cuisine that defined Dubai long before the city was defined by its modern skyscrapers, glamor, and glamour.  Visits to spice shops, the historically significant district of Al Fahidi, and a cruise on a traditional dhow will bring you to this desert marvel’s unassuming and genuine beginnings. Travelers see a side of Dubai that is frequently missed but worth learning about and experiencing while being led by a knowledgeable local guide.

Tour: Explore Old Dubai, Al Fahidi District, Museums, Markets, Foods&Abra “Small Group”

Duration: 3 hours

5. Hot Air Balloon Ride, Vintage Land Rover Ride, and Breakfast from Dubai

During this once-in-a-lifetime experience, you will ride in a hot air balloon above the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve under the guidance of an experienced pilot.  As they immerse themselves in the serene desert scenery, the daring visitors on this excursion are treated to breathtaking vistas of the desert below. The ride also involves a demonstration of falcons, during which these magnificent birds soar over a distance of several thousand feet. Falconry has been an important part of Emirati culture for generations, and both the birds and the people who train and care for them have a way of deftly holding the interest of tourists.

Tour: Hot Air Balloon Ride, Vintage Land Rover Ride & Breakfast from Dubai

Duration: 5 hours

6. Dubai Helicopter Tour

The best way to see how amazing Dubai is as a modern city is from above. Visitors who feel brave can take a helicopter tour of this beautiful place if they want to.  The tour will include flyovers of places like the Burj Khalifa and the Palm Jumeirah that are best seen from the air.  A fun time for the whole family because kids can ride in the helicopter as long as an adult is there.

Tour: Dubai Helicopter Tour

Duration: 12 minutes

7. Dubai Guided Sightseeing Boat Tours

A motor-powered inflatable boat that can reach speeds of up to 21 miles per hour takes tourists on a tour of the renowned Dubai beachfront as part of a boat trip that caters to adrenaline seekers.  During this exhilarating and educational tour of Dubai Marina, the knowledgeable captain pulls over so guests can take photographs before revving up the engine and racing through the marina at high speeds. Atlantis, The Palm, and an ultra-luxurious hotel with a unique pyramid profile are some of the iconic sights that may be seen during this journey.

Tour: Dubai Guided Sightseeing Boat Tours

Duration: 1 -1 hour 39 minutes

8. Dubai to Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque and Qasr Al Watan Palace

During your time in Dubai, you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit Abu Dhabi, which is close by and is the capital of the United Arab Emirates.  The city is known for its modern architecture and technological advances, but it has many museums and other cultural landmarks.  On this trip, there are several places to stop for pictures, such as the White House and Ferrari World. Visitors can learn more about Emirati culture by touring the Grand Mosque and the Heritage Village during longer stops.

Tour: Dubai to Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque & Qasr Al Watan Palace by OceanAir

Duration: 8-9 hours

9. 1-Hour Jet Ski Tour Dubai, Burj Al Arab, and Atlantis

This one-hour Jet Ski tour is a unique and exciting way to see the desert scenery of Dubai. Tourists can see the city’s sights from the Dubai Marina with the help of a knowledgeable guide who is also careful about safety.  The tour will take you to amazing places, like World Island and Palm Jumeirah, that will leave an impression on you. So that the tour stays exciting and fun, we have planned several breaks and chances to take pictures.

Tour: 1H JET SKI Tour Dubai, Burj al Arab & Atlantis

Duration: 1 hour

10. Premium Red Dunes, Camels, Stargazing, and 5* BBQ at Al Khayma Camp

During this tour, guests will be immersed in an ancient culture that started in the desert and has been around for a long time. Also, visitors can learn about and play in this one-of-a-kind place.  After learning about the history and culture of the area at the start of the activity, tourists can either ride a quad bike through the dunes or go sand surfing down the steep slopes of the dunes for the first part of the experience. The second part of the adventure is an evening at the luxurious Al Khayma camp, where you can try delicious local foods and have fun with other guests.

Tour: Dubai: Premium Red Dunes, Camels, Stargazing & 5* BBQ at Al Khayma Camp

Duration: 7 hours

About The Author

Robeena Brown is a travel blogger & destination expert living in the UAE and works for local tourism companies like Arabiers. If you have been looking forward to touring Dubai, getting a visa, extending stays and exploring the city, you can follow her on social media.


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