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The most common travel rip-offs and how you can avoid them!

For many of us, our travel plans have certainly be scuppered this year. And those who have decided to travel have had to bear the brunt of strict travel restrictions and infection control measures at their carefully selected destinations.

Whether you’ve decided to go abroad this year or you’re saving your holidays for when things are little more “normal”, we’re all familiar with travel rip offs. We work hard all year long to ensure we have enough money to book our holiday packages, flights, accommodation and have enough set aside to enjoy ourselves when we get there. Yet there are so many circumstances where you might end up paying more than you should for certain services. It’s incredibly frustrating, which is why I’ve gathered together the most common travel rip offs and how you can successfully avoid them below!

Now, before we get stuck in, we want to say that before you go on any trip it’s always best to have money saved up to ensure that you are prepared for every eventuality and can enjoy your trip to the fullest. Work hard before your trip and save wherever possible – Wealthify stocks and shares ISAs could be a (long term) option to help you along the way financially. Work out the budget you will need and put a set amount of money aside each month so that you are actively getting closer towards your goal.

Be sure to always be aware of the following rip-offs and to use common sense when you do make it to your destination…

Taxi fares

You’ve just landed and want to get to your hotel as quickly as possible and check in. Sadly, some taxis are known to take advantage of their foreign passengers and charge over the odds for rides. The best way to combat this rip off is by researching what to expect to pay in advance. You can also ask the driver how much it will cost before the journey begins. You should only ever travel in a licenced cab, otherwise you could be massively overcharged and potentially in a dangerous situation.

Many hotels run shuttle buses or provide transport directly from their hotels, find out if your does something similar.

Hotel WIFI

WIFI is no longer considered a luxury. It’s a necessity! If you’re travelling overseas and want to get in touch with family and friends, check your social media or work abroad then a reliable WIFI connection is a must. Sadly, many hotels charge extortionate amounts (per day) for access. The only way to successfully prevent yourself from being ripped off by hotel WIFI is by checking the charges beforehand.

Never be tempted to use public WIFI as a way to cut costs, you could be putting your personal information and bank details at risk.

Finally, the fuel rip off

Hiring a car when you’re travelling is often a fiscal tug of war. You need to be on your toes and ready to spot any potential rip offs. The most common bank balance offender? The fuel con. This is when you’re charged huge amounts for not returning your hire car with a full tank of fuel. Not only will you have to pay for the fuel you’ve used but also additional charges!

Always check the small print of any hire car agreement!


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