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Affordable Oahu A look at Hawaii for the backpacking youth

Yearly, flocks of youngsters migrate to the Hawaiian islands in search of an exciting adventure. Many are interested in finding their next big surf, a beautiful beach, or to simply lose track of time. But most are unaware of the affordable adventures that await you in Oahu. Here are just a few things that will entertain your time without hurting your wallet.

<h3>Stay – Backpacker’s Hostel, North Shore</h3>
Getting away from tourist traps while finding affordable lodging in a prime location is difficult on Oahu. This hostel is perfect if you are looking for a place that is away from the city, close to the beach, and cheap. Located on the North Shore in Haleiwa Town, this inn is a great way to meet fellow travelers while experiencing Oahu’s countryside. Oh, and did we mention it’s next to world-renowned surfing spots like Waimea Bay, Sunset, and Pipeline! With private or dorm style accommodation, you can find a reasonable place to crash for less than $30/night.
Eat- Farmer’s Markets, Island wide

Diversity in one word describes the food selection of Hawaii. Shopping at a farmers market is the best way to experience the local culture while finding a good deal and great selection. You can find anything from juicy pineapples to exotic Plumeria flowers used to make leis. Island style foods can be found at the Waikiki Farmer’s Market in front of the community center on Tuesdays and Fridays, or Thursdays in Kailua. There is also a completely green farmers market on on the North Shore every Sunday morning. If you’re looking for produce, arts and crafts, and flowers, the downtown Honolulu market on Wednesday is also very attractive.

Drink- Open-Mic Night, Island wide

Many live venues throughout the island attract locals and tourist alike to perform their latest pieces. With usually no cover charge on weekdays, you can make it into quaint venues to hear locals perform music, comedy, or attempt karaoke. Monday nights at Anna Bannana’s, which is only a short walk from the University of Hawaii, or Sundays at Ong King in China Town are just a couple of places that will entertain on the cheap. Get a drink and mingle or sit back and relax to the sweet tunes of creativity.
Play- Manoa Falls- Near Waikiki/University of Hawaii

Natural wonders are mesmerizing and always easy on the wallet. This effortless 1 ½ mile hike weaves down a cliff through bamboo thickets and wild birds. Enormous rain trees shelter you as the trail follows a stream, leading to a pool at the bottom of the150 ft. waterfall. Even standing above the waterfall provides a cooling mist, refreshing you from the Hawaiian sun.

Sun– Beaches, Beaches, Beaches

Don’t forget the beaches! Always free, and always beautiful, each Oahu beach has a personality all its own. Looking for a snorkel spot? Try Sharks Cove on Oahu’s North Shore. Other North Shore beaches include Waimea Bay, a great body boarding spot and of course; Pipeline, Sunset, Three Tables, Haleiwa beach, and Chuns all primo surfing locations in the fall and winter


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