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5 Ways Smart Travellers Prep For Long-Term Trips

Planning a long-term trip abroad for 2021 and beyond?

Whether you’re trekking round Australia during your gap year or travelling round the world during a midlife radical sabbatical, and regardless of whether the duration is six months, one year or more, there are a few sensible steps you can start taking right now to prepare yourself so that everything proceeds smoothly.

With that in mind, here are five ways smart travellers prep for long-term trips!

1. Get fit

If you’re not physically fit already, it’s time to get moving – keeping in trim will mean your immune system is stronger, your heart is healthier and you’re able to cope with the demands or different modes of travel, new diets and unfamiliar environments. You don’t need fancy equipment either – try this 20-minute hotel workout from Nerd Fitness for starters!

2. Keep calm

Don’t forget your mental health either – trying to keep as calm and collected as possible ensures that you can handle even the most stressful situations with confidence and avoid the harmful effects of stress. There will inevitably be times on your travels when things don’t go as smoothly as you’d like, but by practicing mindfulness and perhaps downloading an app like Calm on your phone, you can keep disciplined preserve some serenity.

3. Get to grips with the lingo

No one will necessarily expect you to be fluent in the local language at your destination, but if you can reach a decent level whereby you can confidently ask for directions, order a meal and even get to know a little about some of the locals in their native tongue, you’ll slot in a lot more smoothly.

Language apps are ok as far as they go, but it’s much preferable to invest in some language lessons from professional tutors like Teachers To Your Home. After a few sessions with a native language speaker you’ll be babbling away like you were born abroad, and you’ll step off the plane ready to embrace every opportunity on offer.

4. Don’t forget travel insurance!

If you plan ahead and stay safe and vigilant, chances are that everything will proceed pretty much as you expect while you’re on your grand adventure, but there’s always an off chance that fate will throw some sort of spanner in the works.

So taking out long-term travel insurance definitely provides peace of mind that you’ll have the practical and financial help you need should thing go awry – choose the best deal from a site like Go Compare.

5. Buy the right backpack

Choose a suitcase if it’s your preference, but for us, nothing says ‘serious traveller’ more than a well-packed, professional-looking backpack. There are plenty to choose from, but for our money the carry-on compatibility and multiple compartments of the AER Travel Pack 2 set it apart from the crowd.

These five ways to prep for long-term trips will ensure that your global adventure is a truly life-enhancing experience – you’re very welcome!


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