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Enjoy A Well-Packed, Stress-Free Holiday With The Ultimate Packing Checklist.

The Ultimate Holiday Packing Checklist

With the end of lockdown slowly approaching and travel restrictions starting to ease around the world many of us will be eagerly hoping for some discounted travel deals to raise spirits after what has felt like endless months of furlough trapped within the same 4 walls. Before you book the next plane out of here with a suitcase stuffed with whatever you had lying around in those exact moments you need to take a step back and really decide what you need to pack, not forgetting those recent additions which have now become essential items.

Before we start packing the carefully selected items you must consider a few basic questions which will help narrow down what you need, saving space in your suitcase and potentially a little bit of money by keeping within the weight restrictions.

“Where are you going and how long will you be going for?”

Beach Towel

Based on the time of year we will make the assumption you will be travelling to a sunnier destination, but don’t worry if not as many of these items are relevant to any travel location. In order to enjoy your days lounging on the beaches and by the pool you will need a beach towel. This year why not consider updating that beloved 1990’s Disney princess towel!

Swimming Trunks/Costume

Going hand in hand with your beach towel is your swimming costume, or swimming trunks. This one is essential if you plan on making a splash in the pool and dodging waves in the ocean. Be mindful of how long you are going away for, as you may need a few different options to wear throughout your holiday.


Toiletries are an absolute must, this includes your favourite shampoo and body wash, and make up. Bear in mind what you are allowed to take on board the plane, and especially in your hand luggage when it comes to liquid. Take a look at this handy checklist of what you can and cannot take on board a plane in your carry-on bag.


If you plan on spending your days soaking up the holiday sun you will need to plan your outfits accordingly, which usually means shorts, t shirts and dresses. But remember, the sun still goes down so you will need something warm for the evening strolls along the seafront. If you want to remember your trip for years to come you can consider having your own personalised t shirts made, just head over to Banana Moon Clothing and check out the selection available.

First Aid Kit

Having experienced a pandemic, we are all a little more conscious when it comes to health and staying safe. To ensure you can keep yourself safe whilst on holiday having a first aid kit is a perfect way to provide yourself with a front line of defence.

Face Mask

This one goes without saying as you will be finding yourself in close proximity with other travellers, for prolonged periods of time. So carrying on with the theme of keeping yourself safe having a reusable, or a selection of reusable face masks is another great way to help keep yourself, and other travellers safe.

Laundry Bag

To help keep your luggage organised, as well as helping speed up the job of unpacking once you return, taking a collapsible laundry bag is a great idea. This doesn’t need to be fancy by any means, as long as you have a way to separate your clean clothes and dirty laundry you will find yourself saving time both whilst on holiday and on your return home.


To complement your sunshine ready outfits, packing your sunglasses is an absolute must. These items aren’t just to look good, if buying sunglasses specially for your trip take a look at the level of eye protection you can expect from your sunglasses to help find the balance between style and functionality.


To help soak up the sun on those long days spent relaxing by the pool and beach you will need some entertainment, and what is more appropriate than a good read that will further transport you into another world.

Travel Adapter

To keep your electricals fully charged and ready to capture that perfect holiday selfie you will need to pack a travel adapter to avoid any disappointment when discovering the regional power sockets. Again, if you are purchasing specially for this trip look at a multi-adaptor which works across multiple regions, this will save you having to purchase more in the future.

Sunscreen & After sun

No holiday packing list is complete without sunscreen and after sun, remember to look at the UV rating as well as the SPF to be sure you are protected during long outings in the sun. It’s always wise to keep this with you, and if you want to cool down at the end of a long sunny day then consider keeping your after sun in a chiller or a fridge.


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