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These Are the Top 5 Destinations If You Love to Drink While Traveling

They won’t break the bank, either.
Food and drink are integral parts of a lot of different cultures around the world, so when you’re traveling, it’s natural to want to experience the local cuisine and spirits.
When you’re traveling, you’re already spending money on airfare, hotels, food, and entertainment. Having a night out on the town is something fun to plan while you’re in a new country or a new city, but it can get expensive depending on where you are at or where you are planning to travel to.

The good folks at Finty decided to create a guide for the cities that have the most and least expensive drinks and drinking culture. These are the top five cities to visit if you like to enjoy a good buzz while you’re on vacation. What we love is that they’re from different areas and countries, so there’s a destination for everyone.

And the best part? They won’t break the bank.

Buenos Aires

Cafe Con Leche is super popular in Argentina and, actually, in most of South America. With that being said, Buenos Aires is no different. A caffeinated buzz goes a long way, but fortunately, the nightlife in this bustling city will keep you going all night long.


Close in the geographic sense to Russia and other Slavic countries, Polish nightlife and drinks feature the favored vodka. Although times seem to be changing the drinking habits of locals, beer and wine aren’t as common a drink as a vodka cocktail. Or, realistically, just vodka itself.


Portugal is a lovely destination. The country is diverse yet friendly, and the culture combined with the history and local cuisine makes for a phenomenal trip. What’s more is that Lisbon has a fun nightlife, which is to say that their drinking scene is something to consider if you like to embibe. It also has some of the cheapest drinks in Europe.


Some cities are known for their drinking culture. Rome is one of them! Although the city is becoming more and more strict about drinking in public, it is actually legal to an extent. Rome comes in as the fourth cheapest city for a night out drinking.

Headed to Italy? Be sure to put this destination on your itinerary.


Experience Osaka by planning a night out on the town. There are so many fantastic places to stop, shop, see the sites, and sip. Locals love to let loose, according to travelers who have been to this Japanese city before. What’s fantastic about this city is that other types of cocktails and spirits are on the rise. Coffee, beer, and wine bars are popping up all over the city.

To view a total cost breakdown of drinks in all of these cities, click here.

Where would you visit if you had an endless supply of vacation days and money?


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