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Top Destinations in Rincon Puerto Rico Island

Rincon Puerto Rico Island is filled with vast beauty of beaches, parks and other amazing and beautiful sights to see and experience. Every visitor, vacationer and local will want to visit some of the most breathtaking and exciting places in Rincon Puerto Rico. Below, you will find some interesting things and scenic places Rincon that you shouldn’t miss on your visit.

The Tres Palmas Marine Reserve. The beaches span for miles and miles of beautiful shoreline and sandy grounds. It is an excellent spot to catch some of the smoothest and most adventurous waves in the area. It has been claimed as a surfer’s paradise by many visitors and the locals. In addition to the fantastic surfing opportunities, the sea life that you can encounter while snorkeling is breath taking. From sea turtles to the brightly colored coral reefs, Tres Palmas exudes beauty. There is also a calmer section of the waters for those into paddle boarding. It has been given a certificate of excellence for its attractions and beauty.

The El Fargo Lighthouse ranks as the second most visited location in Rincon. The grounds are quite expansive, offering excellent scenery and a kiting space for those who enjoy kites. The lighthouse itself offers excellent viewing areas for spotting the marine wildlife, including whales during certain times of the year. There are several vendors located inside the lighthouse that offer local wares. During good weather tours are offered for the history o the lighthouse and some of the grounds. It also offers excellent views of the surfers and paddle boarders on the surf

Desecheo Island is rated one of the top places of Rincon that should be visited. Not only are the sights breath taking, but it is rated as the top place for those who are divers. It offers crystal clear waters, excellent coral reef exploration, and some amazing sea life. During certain times of the year, whale encounters are not unheard of. To get to the island, you must take a boat ferry, but the ride is often smooth and roughly 30 minutes long. Water temperatures stay in the mid to high 70’s and divers can see roughly 50 feet deep from the surface. Barracudas and sharks are often seen on diving trips. While you cannot trek on the island (it is preserved land) the boat ferries will take you on a tour around the island.

For those who want to venture more on land, consider visiting the Maritime Museum of Rincon. While small, the museum offers insightful information into the sea life and the wildlife of Rincon, as well as some of the history of the lighthouses and the surrounding areas. It also offers some great vantage points to seeing some of the sea life, including dolphins, and offers great sights for those who like surfing.

The Punta Higuera Light House is one of the most historical and most visited attractions of Rincon. This lighthouse was built in the late 1890’s by the Spaniards. A hurricane in the 1920’s destroyed the foundation and forced the lighthouse tower to be relocated to safer ground and set upon a more stable foundation. While you are unable to enter into the light house, there is a small park around the lighthouse that houses a couple of vendors and small café. The grounds offer excellent views of the migration of the humpback whales during the migration season. The scenic beauty is also great for those who are photographers. There is also an area available for those who are interested in having a destination wedding on the island.

El Fargo Park is one of the best sights to see while visiting Rincon Puerto Rico. There are excellent viewing points on the island for watching surfers and paddle boarders, and there are some excellent spots for watching the sea life during the migration season, including humpback whales and dolphins. The lighthouse on the park grounds is not operational, but makes for a great photo opportunity. There are several plaques throughout the island that offers some insight into the local history of the island. The views of the sunset are also some of the most spectacular in the area. The only downfall to this area is that the comfort stations are not always open or stocked, so consider carrying some cleaning supplies in your pack.

Overall, there isn’t a bad spot to be in at Rincon Puerto Rico Island. The entire island area is made up of some of the most beautiful oceans, scenic views, and experiences that a tourist can have. The sea life is abundant in the area, especially near Desecheo Island, and your best chance of spotting whales and dolphins is during the migration season from the vantage points of the light houses. While there aren’t too many places for dining fare, there are plenty of vendor during the peak travel and vacation seasons. Don’t forget to consider the time of year that you travel here as the restroom situation may be less than optimal to you. While this is only a small list of the great sights that you can experience, there are plenty more out there for those adventurous types. No matter what you choose to see or do, you will not be disappointed. It will be a time to remember and one of the best experiences you could ever have.

The biggest piece of advice we can give you is “Don’t forget your camera!” next time you Visit Rincon Puerto Rico Island.


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