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The Best Sushi in Manhattan

Choosing a place to eat such a delicacy cannot be taken lightly. Sushi is an art by itself, therefore making the perfect roll requires expertise and technique. We have gathered a list including only the best of the best, which could only be found in the cultural center of NYC, the borough of Manhattan. Most of these restaurants are omakase, that means you trust the chef with your order and he decides what to cook and its price, ensuring fresh high-quality ingredients and dishes at a lower cost.

1. Shuko

This Union Square sushi bar, run by Jimmy Lau and Nick Kim, is considered one of the city’s best. It offers an omakase at $135 with daily selections of sashimi and sushi and a kaiseki at $175, which consist of a multi-course menu with composed dishes made with seasonal ingredients. It may seem pricey but it is totally worth it.

2. 15 East

Balancing tradition with the contemporary, this restaurant in Union Square is positioned at the top Japanese eateries in New York. The Michelin star suits it well, with an extensive menu of sushi, sashimi and hot dishes, or the classic omakase. If you want to try the best collection of seasonal ingredients, order the six-course tasting menu at $140. We recommend the soba noodles or the squid ink risotto with cuttlefish. Sit preferably at the counter to see the Chef Noriyuki Takahashi prepare the most exquisite selection of sashimi in town.

3. Sushi Nakazawa

Chef Daisuke Nakazawa is responsible for the success of this West Village restaurant, as a ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’ apprentice, he assembles the best and freshest ingredients in a perfect selection of sushi for the twenty-course omakase. The tasting menu follows the Edomae sushi style, a tradition born in Edo where the ingredients were preserved with techniques that enhanced the flavor, like simmering in broth, immersing in soy sauce to keep the raw texture or cured with salt and vinegar. Expect a relaxed and chic atmosphere at this famous eatery.

4. Sushi Azabu

This Michelin starred restaurant lies in subterranean Tribeca keeping the tradition of a classic Japanese sushi bar and devoted to Omotenashi principle: selfless service with a spirit of warmth and respect. With an omakase at $120 and lunch sets starting at $25, this hideaway will meet all your expectations.

5. Tomoe

Although it is not as fancy as the typical omasake restaurants around town, this classic has been for a long time serving fresh rolls and attending long lines of customers that want a laid-back and affordable option to eat sushi. We recommend you sit at the sushi bar and have a taste of their sashimi and hand rolls, especially the toro and the ikura.

6. Sushi Yasuda

Now in hands of Naomichi Yasuda’s trainees, Tatsuya Sekiguchi and Mitsuru Tamura, this restaurant still stands at the top best sushi eateries. As they say, ‘No two meals are ever the same’, because in Yasuda the order is shaped to every customer’s need and taste. Enjoy high quality sashimi at this calming space and sit in the bamboo decorated sushi bar.

7. Masa

This three-starred restaurant owned by Masa Takayama may have the priciest omakase but it is also one of the best. Located on the 4th floor of the Time Warner Center, it offers a luxury experience with the best ingredients, explained by the chef with the word Shibui: Refined beauty that isn’t affected by time or social changes. The meal starts at $595 per person, not including beverages and tax.


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