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The Best Pizza Places in Brooklyn.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good slice of pizza every now and then? One can easily find thousands of restaurants in NYC that sell this appetizing dish and it may be difficult to stand out in a competition so fierce, especially when you’re talking about the borough home to the best pizza in America. This is why we decided to bring the best 7 places in Brooklyn where all your expectations will be met.

1. Di Fara

Although you may have to wait a long line to take delight in this marvelous Neapolitan pie, the $5 legendary pizza is worth the time. Each slice is handcrafted by Dom De Marco himself, the owner of the restaurant located in Midwood since 1964. The thin crisp crust and the exceptional ingredients used make it a must while in Brooklyn. Try visiting mid-afternoon and mid-week to avoid the crowds.

2. Juliana’s Pizza

This pizzeria in DUMBO makes simple and classic have a new meaning. After leaving Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in hands of a former customer, Pasty Grimaldi established Juliana’s to serve the traditional pies in a coal-fired oven. Don’t miss the Margherita, special No. 3 with sausage and broccoli rabe, nor the white pizza, you won’t regret.

3. Paulie Gee’s

The perfect spot to try new flavors is this rustic cozy restaurant in Greenpoint. The Hellboy, covered with hot honey, and the Cherry Jones, featuring dried cherries and prosciutto are everyone’s favorites, tough the Arugula Shmoogula and the Monte Cristo can be equally tasty. Find a seat near the oven if you can.

4. Emily

A creative combination of ingredients and a savory crust heated in wood fired oven puts this place in the top 7. Located in Clinton Hill, this eatery combines classic ingredients with unusual toppings like vodka sauce. We recommend the namesake Emily pizza, which comes with pistachios and honey but if you’re in the mood for something else, it has also one of the best burgers in town with dry aged beef, caramelized onions and Tom Cat pretzel bun.

5. Roberta’s Pizza

Despite its hipster atmosphere and the long waits, this restaurant has become very famous for delicious pies like the Speckenwolf that comes with mozzarella, speck, mushroom and oregano. This place in Bushwick has its own food radio station and a rooftop garden, which attract lots of tourists and urban-farming fundraisers

6. Lucali

As most of these eateries you’ll have to wait some time to get a seat, but it is totally worth it. Located in Carroll Gardens, this restaurant serves not only one of the best pies in NYC but also the best calzone with ricotta and mozzarella. Choose the toppings you want and BYOB. You can call ahead to put your name on the list and save some time.

7. L&B Spumoni Gardens

Last but not least, this family style restaurant located in Bensonhurst is known for its squared Sicilian pizza and Spumoni, which is a molded gelato made with layers of different flavors and fruits or nuts. While it can be hard to get to, here you’ll have a great slice of doughy mouth-watering pizza.


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