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The Hekla Volcano – Iceland

Hekla is the Icelandic word for a short hooded cloak which may relate to the frequent cloud cover on the summit. Cistercian monks told that the mountain was the gateway to Hell. It has also been called the prison of Judas and there is still a legend that witches gather on the volcanoe for Easter.

Iceland is an amazing place to visit and going to Mount Hekla is an incredible experience. The volcano is located in the highly active volcanic zone and is the most active volcano in Iceland. The volcano resembles an overturned boat, its keel a series of craters but only 2 are really active

The area around Hekla was once forest however it is now very unstable. The Hekluskógar reforestation project is working to restore the previously present birch and willow woodland to the slopes of the mountain. This would stabilize the large areas of volcanic ash and help to reduce erosion. It is the largest reforestation of its type in Europe.

Hekla Webcam

Here is the best webcam of the Hekla volcao. https://worldcams.tv/iceland/hekla-volcano


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