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Barcelona, the New Capital of Cannabis in Europe

Barcelona has always been a favourite destination for us, whether it is visiting the Camp Nou to watch an FC Barcelona game or to visit Las Ramblas, we thoroughly enjoy everything that this city has to offer.

This week we are looking at another reason to visit Barcelona, to enjoy the booming marijuana industry in the city. For the surprise to many, the Catalan capital is now one of the main places to visit to enjoy cannabis in Europe.

Whilst the laws are not as relaxed as Amsterdam, the rules do allow people including tourists to smoke marijuana at home or in specific clubs. These well-established clubs often require referrals in order to join. Actually joining the clubs are easy once you know where to go and once a member the club is open to enjoy smoking whenever you please.

The fee to join these clubs are less than £20 and needs to be renewed every year. This low price means as a tourist visiting Barcelona on a marijuana tourist trip is extremely accessible. The price of the products inside the clubs are also reasonable unlike other cities around Europe. Whilst every member needs to be approved, tourists can use the details of their hotel whilst staying in Barcelona.

For more information then we recommend visiting the cannabis association website which contains everything you need to know before travelling to Barcelona.

By joining these clubs this means that you are covered for smoking marijuana whilst in the city. Whether you are staying for a weekend or a longer period, this is the best way to enjoy this past time activity.  Marijuana for personal use has been decriminalised in Barcelona but smoking it outside or in public places is prohibited. The law allows people to grow their own 2 plants for personal consumption. However, not everyone wants to has the skills to grow the plant. With this the clubs allow for ease of access and more importantly a safe place to enjoy smoking.

Another reason why Barcelona is fast being a Marijuana tourist destination is due to the high quality of product on offer, only matched by Amsterdam in Europe and Colorado/LA in the US.


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