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A Guide To Planning A Romantic Getaway

Every couple needs a romantic getaway from time to time, no matter if it is their 40th anniversary or they are a relatively new couple. These holidays are where you strengthen your relationship, give each other attention, see new places, and make memories together. A successful romantic holiday will see you return home more in love than ever with plenty of stories to share and memories to look back on together over the years. As such key events in any relationship, it also means that there is a lot of pressure on these trips, which can make the planning stressful. Luckily, below are a few tips to help ease the stress.

Agree On A Budget

First, you need to agree on a budget before you start making a plan. Money is a quick way to have an argument, so you need to sit down together and work out exactly how much you can afford to spend on the trip.

Plan The Trip Together

Leading on from this, you should also make sure that you plan the trip together so that you can find destinations and activities that you will both enjoy. A good couple will work well together as a team, and planning a vacation is a great opportunity to work together to plan something that you will both enjoy.

Choose An Exciting Destination

There are so many romantic destinations around the world; it can be hard to choose! It will depend on your own preference, but you should consider an exciting destination which will have enough to keep you both entertained during the vacation. A few good romantic destinations include:

Luxury Travel

A romantic trip should include some luxury, and travel is a good choice. If you are flying into New York City, for example, you could look into a private jet charter with a company like Stratos Jets Charters. Private jet hire has become more affordable in recent times and allows you to experience this fantastic form of transportation and arrive in style.


The accommodation will make or break the trip so you need to choose carefully and not just the cheapest option. A hotel can be nice because you can feel looked after and they may have facilities to keep you entertained, but self-catered accommodation can also be a good choice because you can enjoy privacy and keep food costs down.

Allow For Time Alone

Although it is a romantic trip and important that you spend quality time together, you also need to recognize that it is fine and healthy to have some time alone. Forcing yourselves to spend every waking second together could result in an argument, and you may have times where you want to do something different whether this is getting a massage, go to the gym or simply read in bed for an hour or so.

This post should help you to plan the perfect romantic trip which will bring the two of you closer together and create memories for you to look back on and enjoy over the years.


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